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Portable toilet rental costs are insignificant compared to the money they’ll save your construction project in the long run.

Trust our portable toilet supplies and services for your worksite

Portable restrooms save time and reduce labor costs, as workers waste less time by using the strategically-located portable toilet, and have more work time to complete the project. Portable Rental Systems’ toilets are easy to relocate and transport: the portable toilet, supplies and equipment including hand-washing facilities follow the workers as the project progresses, again saving you time and money.

Demanding more from your employees means providing a suitable worksite. If your portable toilets are not thoroughly serviced and maintained to the highest standards, your company will waste money, as workers will go from unit to unit to find a clean one or simply leave the job site to locate an acceptable restroom.

Portable Rental Systems’ extra-clean portable toilets will keep your workers on-site, and they are also a morale booster, as they reflect your concern for the safety and dignity of your workers.

Portable Rental Systems (PRS) ensures that your job site will be efficient, professional, and presentable for your workers, supervisors, and guests. With no worries about finding quality portable toilets for rent in Colorado, you save time, energy, and money.

The difference is clear from the moment we arrive at your worksite: portable toilets, supplies and equipment from PRS will improve your worksite and exceed your every expectation of portable sanitation services.


The difference is clear from the moment we arrive at your worksite
PRS rents Satellite Industries portable toilets in Colorado. Satellite units are built with over 40 years of manufacturing experience, and feature equipment that is durable, ruggedly designed and vandal-resistant for safety and security.


Don’t let worries about portable toilet rental costs make you compromise on quality.

Offering the best portable toilet service. Ever.

If you are persuaded to rent something cheap or go with a one stop waste shop, like a garbage hauling company that just happens to also rent toilets, we assure you – it will cost you more in the long run! What looks like a low price can bring with it a lot of trouble. Like lack of cleanliness, inconsistent servicing, and that notorious odor.

We focus on just ONE thing — portable toilets — and we know our stuff when it comes to maintenance. First, we use only clean, fresh tap water and bio-degradable detergents to sanitize our units. Then, when we service the units in the field, we sanitize the entire interior and rinse with fresh tap water. We then towel-dry the interior with fresh towels, laundered daily.

Some of our competitors will use “grey water” from the water treatment plant to cut costs, and wipe the unit down with a shop rag. WE DO NOT! And we don’t need camphor bricks (urinal cakes/blocks) to hide the smell of a poorly maintained or serviced unit. (Some municipalities have banned these products because they are carcinogenic.)

We are fanatics about being fastidious.

PRS will ensure that your worksite runs smoothly:

  • Reliable, on-time delivery, pick-up and relocation
  • Professional, knowledgeable in-house staff with 25 years combined experience
  • Prompt response to emergency service requests and other needs
  • Routine unit maintenance that’s anything but routine! It includes:
    • Pressure washed, thoroughly-cleaned and towel-dried interiors
    • Minor repairs made on site
    • Graffiti removal
  • Units securely anchored upon delivery
  • Assistance meeting OSHA regulations, ANSI guidelines and city and country requirements
  • A company that takes environmental stewardship seriously
    • Full compliance with Federal Clean Water Act regulations
    • Environmentally-friendly deodorizers and cleaners
    • Wash-down catch trays optional

PRS understands that providing favorable and efficient worksite conditions requires clean, top-quality portable restrooms and thorough service and maintenance. Don’t let portable toilet rental costs be the only factor in choosing a provider: we deliver industry-leading, state-of-the-art equipment and reliable service to exceed all of your expectations, and we’ll save you money in the long run!

Call us on our 24-hour line for more information about portable toilet rentals for construction sites.