Special Events

Show your guests how important every detail of your event is to you.
Show your guests how important every detail of your event is to you.

You’ve been planning for months, perhaps even years. Every detail is covered. But have you thought about WHO is providing your portable toilet? Events like yours deserve the best, and all portable restroom suppliers are NOT the same!

When nothing but top-quality will do for your special event, you should demand the top-quality portable toilet for rent in Northern Colorado. Portable Rental Systems is dedicated to helping you organize a flawless, comfortable experience for your guests and participants. Not only do we love to help your event succeed, we’ll also be on call for you 24 hours a day during your event.

We are flexible, responsive, and on-call when it comes to your event. More attendees than you expected? PRS promises to keep spare restrooms on reserve for you for the duration of your event in case the numbers change. Emergency mid-event? A qualified PRS staff member will always be standing by, just a phone call away, to provide 24-hour service when you need it.

PRS focuses on just ONE thing — portable toilets for job sites and special outdoor events — so we know how to do it right. We use clean wash water to soap our units down. We scrub every inch of the toilet, pre-delivery. As a result, we don’t need camphor bricks to hide the smell of a poorly maintained unit. We’ll change your guests’ minds about portable toilets!

We are fanatics about cleanliness.

PRS will ensure that your special event is truly special… right down to the ultra-clean units we provide.

PRS ensures the following for your guests’ comfort:

  • Dedicated mint condition Special Event units that are stored indoors and re-cleaned 24-hours prior to event date
  • Freestanding independent hand wash stations with foot-powered, fresh water pump, antibacterial soap and paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer included with every Special Event restroom

Dedicated to helping you organize a flawless experience for your guests
If your event is a business venture, remember that you can MAKE money with a quality portable toilet. Shows, fairs, concerts, and outdoor events of all kinds will generate more income when spectators feel inclined to stay longer and, thus, spend more money.


Satellite Industries Maxim 3000 Portable Restrooms are the best we’ve found at portable toilet shows across the country:

  • Sleek, contemporary style
  • Spacious, user-friendly design with easy-to-use handles and secure door closers
  • Wheelchair accessible units that comply with ADA standards

Our Special Event Products


Rent the best portable toilets for your guests

We use GPS to find your event quickly, offer daily cleaning and timely transport: any other portable toilet for rent in Northern Colorado is below par!

  • Sophisticated scheduling and tracking system to transport toilet to and from event
  • Consistent communication and 24-hour, on-call service
  • Daily service calls for multi-day events
  • Professional, knowledgeable in-house staff with 25 years combined experience
  • A company that takes environmental stewardship seriously
    • Full compliance with Federal Clean Water Act regulations
    • Environmentally-friendly deodorizers and cleaners
  • Planning consultation to assist in determining which portable toilet events need

Portable Rental Systems understands that you demand clean, reliable portable restrooms and thorough service and maintenance. You can rest assured that we have the skill, knowledge, experience, and equipment to exceed all of your expectations. We are sure that we have your portable toilet: show us what you want your occasion to be, and with PRS, you can focus your attention on enjoying a flawless event!

Call us on our 24-hour line for more information about Special Events rentals.