Steel Storage Container Rental

We deliver storage units in Colorado and Wyoming, right to your door
We deliver storage units in Colorado and Wyoming, right to your door

Whether it’s for your construction materials, business inventory, or household items, we’ve got the most reliable rental service for steel storage containers in Colorado.

Although portable restrooms have been our focus for years, we are now able to answer your demands for Conex and storage and containers for any number of needs. Storage units in Colorado are often expensive and hard to come by; why not create your own? For storage right where you need it, we offer 20-foot steel storage containers. In Colorado, we’re the most reliable of these services, delivering your Conex box right to your location, exactly when you need it.

Construction: We know that Conex boxes, storage and containers are a must on a worksite. That’s why we are pleased to be your #1 rental provider, offering 20′ steel storage containers in Colorado. Whether it’s for lumber, vehicles, or as a waterproof shelter for tools and materials, a quality Conex container can improve your site-and all from the same supplier as your portable restroom equipment. Prepare your worksite in one easy step: call PRS for all of your construction rental needs.

Business: Your business is growing-your space is not. Storage units in Colorado can be pricey, and getting to your inventory often takes time you can’t afford. With an on-site storage container, you haveinstant access to your inventory and supplies. We offer competitive prices and secure, quality Conex and storage containers. Call us today and give your business some room to grow! Containers are water tight, rodent proof and have the additional security of a steel lock box to cover the padlock.

PRS – the source for secure, versatile steel storage containers in Colorado

Household: Planning a move, a renovation, or a major spring cleaning? A temporary storage unit near your home can answer the question, “Where the heck do I put all of this stuff?” A steel storage container can sit in your garage, driveway, or back lawn for as long as you need it, giving you more breathing room to get your house work done.

Interested in Conex and storage and containers for rent in Colorado? Call PRS today and let us give you a quote for your storage unit needs.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Safe and secure with vandal-proof lockbox
  • Water tight, rodent proof and vented
  • Available in 20-foot lengths